Lewis hopes to walk to £1,000

April 15, 2018

Each week, our West Berkshire Centre is graced with the presence of Lewis, a happy little boy with one fantastic little chuckle.

Lewis was diagnosed at just six months with Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Cortical Visual Impairment (Lewis is registered blind) and Microcephaly (a congenital condition associated with incomplete brain development).   As a result, Lewis can struggle with his gross motor skills, has limited vision and suffers with focal seizures.

We have been supporting Lewis since 2015 and seen him grow and change throughout.  Up until recently, Lewis has always used either a wheelchair or a stander for support and to help him move around.  We have been fortunate to receive funding not long ago, for a new ceiling hoist at our West Berkshire Centre.  This enables us to support children moving around the play room without the use of bulky equipment on the floor.  Lewis had a try and absolutely loved it.

His laughs and giggles from his new found freedom could be heard around the Centre and inspired a challenge for Lewis.  Could he use the hoist regularly and walk lengths of the Centre to achieve 1 km?  Lewis certainly seemed up for the chance to get in the hoist at every opportunity and with every attempt, it will assist Lewis in developing co-ordination and weight bearing muscles.

The challenge was on!

Lewis starts his walking this week and hopes to finish in time for the end of Summer Term party in July.  It will make an even more remarkable celebration as Lewis leaves us in July to start school in September.  We can guarantee emotions will be running high!

Help him on his way by supporting his endeavours and help him reach his target of £1,000!  We can’t wait to see how he does and the progress he’ll make as a result.

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